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By Alexandar Maier

“Aus meinen Augen” (eng.: Through my eyes) is a dark graphic memoir about an incident of sexual harassment, that was published in the year of 2020 by Blank-Magazin, an independent student project from Passau, Germany. A friend of the editorial group told us her terrible story. After discussing for a few days, we decided to present it as a graphic memoir, as we believe that this very visual approach gives the most accurate insight to how it happened. We also left the face of the harasser blank, as we want to say that assaults like this have many faces and that it doesn’t matter who the perpetrator is, but that sexual assaults against women happen. Every day. Everywhere.

The student who would like to stay anonymous says:

“I'm sharing my story to help more people understand that sexual assault is happening on our very doorstep. It is the ugly truth, told from my perspective and perhaps on behalf of other women.”

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